How To See The Sea – Row, Sail, Motor – Develop your Sea Sense

Do you want to know How To See The Sea, but don’t know where to start?

If you are one of those people who often feel something is missing in your life.

You feel the need to be close to the sea, to stretch your eyes out past the horizon.

Maybe you dream of a life full of adventure, exploring the coastline where few others normally go.

When a bad day’s almost over, you’re the one who drove to the coast to gaze out over the water, letting the sea wash away the rubbish in your head.

Is this you?

No – Sorry I probably can’t help you.

Yes – Maybe I can help you.

Read on.

The sea has magical qualities. We can’t always explain them, but they are there.

The problem is we get trapped in our busy lives, surrounded by the wrong people, in a job or business that steals our time.

We are in this situation because of the decisions we’ve made up to this point in our life. The commitments we have as a result of those decisions weigh us down.

The lifestyle we’ve been building fits perfectly with all we have been fed by the expert marketers, promising us a full and happy life.

But you’re not feeling it.

The marketing is everywhere, a vicious trick of the mind that keeps sucking many of us into the trap.

Sometimes we get a glimpse of what our lives could look like, if only;

  • I had more time.
  • I didn’t have so many commitments.
  • I had the skills to do that.
  • I could earn more money or get lucky with a lump sum payout.

Listen to the voices in your head. Do they say stuff like that?

If these restraints were gone, you’d be able to fill that void that leaves you feeling incomplete, right.


Maybe not.

I’ve got some good news for you.

Getting what you’re missing is not so hard if you are prepared to make some small  systematic changes. Bit by bit your life will change for the better.

Here’s how.

If you can’t row a boat or haven’t experienced the simple joy of rowing.

Get a little row boat

A row boat will teach you more transferable skills than you can imagine at very low cost. A boat that you can row properly can be extremely good value. They are relatively easy to find without breaking the bank.

You don’t need a lot of time to learn the basics. Half a day in a weekend, or on a rostered day off will be enough to get moving. Then start to explore sheltered waters to see things from a different perspective. Row amongst other boats and soak up the differences between them.

Rowing a little boat is a great way to develop your spacial awareness, one of the most valuable skills of a boat operator.

Take it to the beach and have some fun jumping and diving off it. Anchor it, tip it over in a safe depth of water, learn how to bail it out until it is buoyant enough to take your weight again.

There are so many transferable skills you can learn by playing in a row boat. These skills will stay with you for the rest of your boating life in the form of good Sea Sense, the most valuable asset a mariner can possess.

Add a sailing rig to your little row boat

Learning to sail in a simple boat will teach you so much about how to read the wind, weather, and waves. You can’t teach your senses the intuition of a mariner by reading whatever or watching videos.

If you get into a situation where you can’t sail back, take down the sail, then use the skills you learnt mucking around in your row boat to solve the problem. Keep at it. Sailing is easy, sailing fast to windward and directly downwind are the skills to strive for. It’s all about balance.

Be sensible, a gentle breeze up to a maximum of fifteen knots is best for learning the basics. More than fifteen knots and the waves tend to increase in size rapidly. The worst thing you could do to yourself is have such a bad experience that you give up at this point.

Join a club, Go out on other people’s boats

Good boat owners are quick to teach their crews boat skills. It makes their job easier when they can delegate tasks to help operate the boat.

Learn how to fund your boating life

Put a percentage of your income aside and create other income streams dedicated to your boat life from your investment fund.

One of the best investments you can make is in your perpetual education, provided you actually use the knowledge you get. Prioritize what you need now. Try not to waste time learning stuff you may need in the distant future.

Doing this one thing can potentially cure your job addiction, opening up choices you can only dream about at this point in your life.

Get basic qualifications and charter a boat

Chartering is a great way to develop your practical skills, build confidence and experience a variety of boats without the hassle and cost [time and money] of boat maintenance.

Bareboat charter boats are set up to be sailed easily.  You may want to spend a bit extra the first time and pay for a skipper to teach you some skills, then take it to the next level when you feel confident enough.

Buy or Charter a bigger boat.

Every boat is at least three foot too short. Oddly enough this feeling seems to be relative to your skills and budget. A bigger boat will often make traveling further a bit more comfortable. Then when you get to where you were heading, use your row boat skills to get ashore and explore where most others can’t.

This phase is a great opportunity to practice any knowledge you have acquired through whatever you’ve studied to get this far.

Or you can always get a job on a motor boat.

There is this other option that can be quite lucrative, but the fun factor is always eventually an issue.

I left this option until last because the best jobs where you have most control are the hardest to get.

You need to have skills and qualifications that boat owners require to legally operate their vessels. There are whole government departments dedicated to keeping commercial boat operators honest in relation to the raft of laws associated with work boats. Owners want crews that keep the officials visits to a minimum.

Bad crews can cause a small business to fail or cause larger businesses great expense if the authorities target them as high risk.

So to finish off…

It is true that boats are a hole in the water that we pour money into.

What people who can’t get past the “boat, hole in the water you pour money into” thing are missing is; some of the richest memories of your life will be those you got while mucking around on boats. You can’t put a dollar value on those memories.

First, you have to row a little boat. Take it to the beach, fall out, climb in, swamp it then bail the water out. Having fun is the best way to learn.

Enjoy getting wet and the taste of the sea on your lips.

Obviously, there is a lot more to it all than I can write in this one article.

Boats do not discriminate old and young.

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