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ToSeeTheSea.com has been created by Lindsay Turvey with the help of some friends and people with knowledge and passion for life on the sea.

Lindsay was born in 1962 and has always been drawn towards pretty much anything that floats.

Looking back Lindsay considers his most fulfilling years were teaching and facilitating adventure training through offshore sailing during the last 12 years of his 27 year career in the navy. The previous 15 years as a Hydrographic Surveyor gave Lindsay a wide range of skills and experience on the sea.

You can learn more about Lindsay’s story by going here, to his first post.

What This Site Offers You

The world is changing fast. Information is at our fingertips through devices we carry that are connected to the internet.

This created an opportunity for Lindsay to share knowledge and passion through this site. You will find these interesting guidelines to living a successful life at sea in the Knowledge Locker.

Life on the sea is a perpetual learning process. Lindsay is the first to acknowledge no one person ever knows it all when it comes to floating around on the ocean.

To broaden the knowledge available to visitors of this site, Lindsay asks interesting people questions about their perspective of what works and what to avoid. You’ll find these sometimes vastly different perspectives on life at sea in the interviews section.

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The combined knowledge of those that work, play and live on the sea is as vast as the ocean itself. Unfortunately some of that knowledge is being lost as the old salts drift off.

Our mission is to capture as much knowledge from as many sources as we can, through persistence and consistently searching for what you want to know. We will then deliver that knowledge in a variety of ways to fit your learning style.

Living on any type of vessel on the sea can create a rich life full of ups and downs (pun intended). Our job is to help you avoid the rouge waves, the things that come at you from a different direction, threatening to swamp your dreams and force you back into the mundane life that many landlubbers are locked into.

We know what that feels like and we don’t like it.

We welcome your feedback, ideas and questions, without them we are like a ship without a rudder. You can communicate with us by commenting on our social media sites by clicking the links below.

Maybe you have something to offer or just want to ask something personal. You can do that through our Contact Us page. 

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