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We search out those that have lived and are living on the sea and convince them to share the good the bad and the ugly. We also interview experts that put to bed the myths and salty sea stories backed up by science.

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SAILING TO SEE THE SEA  - Lindsay Turvey

Throughout my life, I've had a deep passion for sailing on the sea.  Boats, both work and recreational, have been a big part of my life. That’s where I am happiest, on a boat.

A fair bit of water has passed under the keel, allowing me to accumulate skills and knowledge, which I figure may be useful to someone. There is no point in keeping the knowledge to myself and one day taking it to my grave.

So, here’s the plan;

· Share my knowledge and adventures to help others live a life less ordinary on the sea.

· Record other people’s stories to inspire and educate those wanting to spend a large part of their life on the sea.

· Show you how you can grow your own knowledge and skills, avoiding the costly mistakes that kill or worse, delay the strongest of dreams.

Why? Because it scares me. The best memories I have in life are those where I broke through the fear and did it anyway.

© Lindsay Turvey 2016